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Best Microschool for Middle School Education in Maricopa

Field of Vision Academy is Maricopa's premier microeducational school for middle-school-aged kids looking for a truly individualized and growth-centered learning experience. As a unique center-based program, our mission is to address the gaps created by traditional educational approaches and provide students with ...

Education Tailored to Your Child's Brilliance

At Field of Vision Academy, we believe education should foster exploration, enabling individuals to uncover their full potential. Our microschool stands out through its various differentiators, which enable us to provide tailored educational programs to our students. Our academy offers differentiated instruction, ...





Welcome to Field of Vision Academy, your premier destination for a truly individualized and growth-centered education in Maricopa, …
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Core Initiatives


Student achievement will be based on growth in all areas and celebrated weekly through a red carpet ceremony.


Students will choose the science projects to be completed as a group, so they are fully engaged and attentive throughout the process.

Love of Learning

Students will be given time daily to explore their personal learning interests in order to empower them to be vested in their education.

Experience Rich

Learning will be enhanced through a monthly enrichment day to provide the experiences needed to deepen their understanding and appreciation for subject matter studied.


Monthly novel studies paired with social studies topics will provide opportunities for deeper discussion where students can empathize with the people effected by major historical events.


  • Individualized Education
  • Growth-centered Approach
  • Personalized Learning
  • Hands-on Experiences
  • Collaborative Environment
  • Student Empowerment